Currently Terebinth Ministries is training 38 pastors through a three year school, as well as providing support to 181 widows and approximately 600 fatherless children. A $50 commitment sponsors one pastor in the School of Discipleship or supports one widow. Your monthly recurring gift will:

  • Equip a pastor to lead healthy churches
  • Provide a widow with food, income opportunities and spiritual discipleship
  • Funds designated for our building project will be used to construct new facilities for the School of Discipleship/Accreditation

Each of our core programs is outlined below, along with the impact your prayers and financial support are having in the Gulu district of Uganda.

Understanding How Your Donation Supports Terebinth Ministries.

Each section of our ministry is designed to work cooperatively with the others in order to further the gospel.  Your donation will go to supporting a holistic ministry.  The three legs of our ministry are: Terebinth School of Discipleship, Widows Ministry, and BAM Enterprises.

School of Discipleship

Equipping local leaders is the primary focus of Terebinth Ministries.  The Terebinth School of Discipleship (TSD) equips pastors from northern Uganda to lead healthy churches and impact their communities for Jesus.  By teaching local pastors, they in turn are able to reach their communities with the truth of God’s Word.  It’s not an addition equation, but a multiplication of souls won and discipled through their community pastors.  Our students come from many walks of life, and often their only resource is the Bible. We ensure every student can interpret Scripture with Scripture, so even the most remote villages are able to hear the entirety of God’s Word in an accurate and understandable way. Currently, there are over 2,500 people in northern Uganda who are being taught directly on a weekly basis by the TSD students, which will only increase over time.

Widow’s Ministry

The Widows Ministry is where the school partners with our best and brightest students to reach ‘the least of these’ in their communities. Due to years of war and disease, the number of widows and fatherless children in Northern Uganda is extremely high. We work with the pastors to train up committed members in their churches and send them out on a weekly basis to disciple and feed widows who are selected into the program. The widows with the ability to work are provided an opportunity to support their families through selling of products from our farm. The discipleship groups start with a group of about five widows, but often expand to neighbors, friends, and family.  We have seen numerous people come to Jesus during these times, including the widows themselves! Each widow receives a healthy food package of 10 kgs of maize flour, 5 kgs of rice, 5 kgs of beans, three liters of sunflower cooking oil, and two trays of eggs (60 eggs in number).  This amount is able to feed the widow and an average of five fatherless children for about two weeks. Not only do the widows have their own children, but many of them take in other children as well.  Around 1,500 widows/orphaned children are being fed in the widows program each month, with the hope of more widows in the future.

BAM (Business as a Mission)

BAM Enterprises farming project processes high quality food for the Widows Ministry and the community. The project is dedicated to providing fair prices, exceptional products, and sustainable work for the local community. During the COVID-19 lockdown, over 40,000 people were fed through BAM in partnerships with people like you! Each person who came for food was given the gospel message and prayed over. The community of farmers surrounding BAM Enterprises knows they can always bring their produce and get a fair, consistent price. For those who like the idea of a ministry participating in raising it’s own funds and working toward sustainability, BAM primarily exists to allow Terebinth to be operationally sustainable in the near future, which means it should be able to pay all the Terebinth employee’s salaries, insurance, taxes, along with other expenses at the office level.  This means your donation will go directly to supporting more pastors and widows.

Each donation partners you with the Terebinth team to bring sustainable, Biblical training to pastors and leaders in Uganda. Thank you.