The Dream Center Medical Clinic provides low-cost, high quality healthcare to impoverished communities.

Beyond treating diseases, the clinic provides public health education and spiritual transformation to neighboring communities. Dream Center’s motto is “we treat, Jesus heals”. Although we care for the physical body, we believe it is imperative to also care for the spiritual well-being of patients and staff.

Dream Center Medical Clinic is one of the largest healthcare centers in all of Omoro District. There is a thriving labor and delivery ward dedicated to helping mothers deliver safely and securely.

We have partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Nothern Uganda to ensure quality management, experienced leadership, and affordable costs. This partnership began in October 2020, with Dream Center HCIII being managed by the Anglican Diocese. The Diocese has over 23 clinics covering the north in Uganda. They have experience treating a multitude of conditions and have a system that ensures affordable costs for every Ugandan. Dream Center site is hosting the diocese free of charge to assist in keeping costs low. We believe that we are all part of one body, with different gifts and abilities, and the best use of our resources is in ensuring we do all we can to bless the community around us with the name of Jesus.

Dream Center Clinic has a large maternity suite, a maternity ward, inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, and ultrasound services. With these services, we are able to treat almost every condition that affects the community around Dream Center at prices that are affordable.

What makes our clinic unique?

We have made a unique partnership with Day One Health Centers, an outreach of the Anglican Diocese. This is a ministry dedicated to running health centers with expertise. They manage the day to day running of the clinic including staffing, prices, and treatments. This has reduced costs to the community dramatically which improves access to all members of the community. We are able to host their staff for free in our clinic and cut costs to the Adak community.
We believe the body of Christ is full of different gifts and talents. We are thrilled to partner with a ministry that has successfully brought quality health care to many communities like Adak. We are able to host their ministry for free in order to work together to bring health and wellness to every member of Adak community!

Widows Ministry

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Terebinth School of Discipleship