The Dream Center Medical Clinic provides low-cost, high quality healthcare to impoverished communities.

Beyond treating diseases, the clinic provides public health education and spiritual transformation to neighboring communities. Dream Center’s motto is “we treat, Jesus heals”. Although we care for the physical body, we believe it is imperative to also care for the spiritual well-being of patients and staff.

Dream Center Medical Clinic is one of the largest healthcare centers in all of Omoro District.  There is a thriving labor and delivery ward dedicated to helping mothers deliver safely and securely. We have partnered with the USAID program to provide care to expecting mothers for almost free! Mothers can purchase vouchers ($1.10) which then pays for all of their costs for care throughout the pregnancy and delivery.

With an x-ray machine and laboratory, most conditions can be treated on site. Services are offered at a low cost to ensure access to healthcare for all members of the community. The in or out patient services include: immunizations, maternity care, x-ray, laboratory testing, health education, HIV/AIDS care, casting for fractures, and treatment of a wide variety of infections and diseases.

What makes our clinic unique?

The primary dedication of the Dream Center Medical Clinic is not profit. It is the belief of each and every staff member that the care they give is a ministry and a testimony of the goodness of Jesus. This is not just a job to them, but a calling from God to care “for the least of these”. This ensures not only great care, but that costs are never raised for the sake of making money. Dream Center is known as a place where Jesus is magnified in all aspects of care. People walk from very far away in order to receive the care offered at DCC.

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