We Are A Team of Local and Foreign Leaders Dedicated to Discipleship.

Because Terebinth is a Discipleship Ministry, we believe in a global church effort. Each foreign staff is paired with at least one Ugandan for mutual training and discipleship.

Kent Nolley
Kent NolleyTerebinth Ministries Executive Director
Kent recognized the need of local pastors and church leaders to be instructed in Scripture. Kent and his family moved to Gulu, Uganda in 2015 and started the Terebinth School of Discipleship. As the executive director, his vision is to enable local leadership to run a self-sustaining ministry and to lead by example.
Nolley’s Website
Luke Buescher
Luke BuescherWidows' Ministry Assistant Director
From 2013 to 2016, Luke served in a ministry in Chihuahua, Mexico, seeking to further the kingdom of God within the nation of the Tarahumara Indians. Now Luke has joined the Terebinth team to help lead and teach the school of Discipleship and the Widows’ Ministry.
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Matthew Harris
Matthew HarrisDream Center Assistant Director
Matthew, Noelle, and their two little girls Emma and Madeline, are Colorado natives. Their son, Noah, was born in Gulu in May of 2018. Matt works with the school of Discipleship and with Dream Center staff. He and Noelle live at the Dream Center site and disciple the staff and community there.
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Cassie Perrow
Cassie PerrowHead of Terebinth Communications
Cassie has loved Uganda since the first time she visited. She’s been on several short-term trips and began praying for an opportunity to live and work with the people she loves full time. She joined the Team in November 2019 using her God-given talents to share the work God is doing in northern Uganda.
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Fred Latim
Fred LatimTM Assistant Director/ WM Director
Oweka Geoffery
Oweka GeofferyOffice Manager
Otim Gerald
Otim GeraldDream Center/BAM Enterprises Manager
Akullo Vicky Gladys
Akullo Vicky GladysHead Accountant
Olara Samuel
Olara SamuelTSD Operational Director