Hello everyone!

We at Terebinth Ministries are so excited for the new website and projects. This website will allow you to keep up to date on all that is going on here in northern Uganda!

Terebinth Ministries and Dream Center Uganda recently entered into a new partnership and endeavor together. Terebinth Ministries was started by Kent Nolley in 2016 as a school of discipleship for pastors and church leaders in Uganda. The school is a three year program which takes pastors and leaders through all of the Bible verse by verse. The demand for such a training lead to several additional classes being started, and many of the students have started their own classes in their churches. Jon and Kristin Coupal joined Terebinth in June 2016. Jon and Kent share a passion of teaching Scripture using Scripture and co-teach the class.

Kent had previously been approached about partnering with Dream Center Uganda but had declined. A big reason was the clinic of Dream Center. The clinic meets the desperate need for health care, and Kent felt unequipped to take on such a task. However, in late 2016 the idea of partnering with Dream Center was approached again. Kristin is a registered nurse with a passion for health care and previous managerial experience. As the team prayed together it became apparent that this partnership was a huge step of faith. But God worked in mighty and, frankly, miraculous ways to show that this was His will.

In May 2017, the Terebinth team and Dream Center staff became one unit. Since that time, a local and educated farmer named Gerald was hired to get BAM Enterprises underway. He has begun planting drought resistant seeds and clearing land for the farm. The process to start construction and repair the massive grain storehouse is underway. Before long, BAM Enterprises will be looking to build the first, large-scale chicken houses!

The Terebinth School of Discipleship is going through the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther this month. They have already completed Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel 1&2 Kings, Matthew 5-7 + 21-28,  Mark 11-16, Luke 19-24, John, and James! We are very excited to continue in the study of Scripture, but it will be a hard month as well. One of the school’s leaders and a dear brother, Pastor Perry Opaka Robinson. He was battling intestinal cancer and was a powerful testimony to the goodness of God even through his illness. We rejoice that he is with the One he loved most, but will miss him until we meet again.

The Dream Center Clinic has begun working toward new and improved processes for book-keeping, inventory and patient records. The staff recently completed a training called “Helping Babies Breath”. It was put on by Lynn Miller, a nurse practitioner from Colorado (and Kristin’s mother). The staff did an excellent job, had a great time and are certified in helping an infant who is born with breathing trouble. We look forward to continuing training and staff development in the future!