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Terebinth School of Discipleship

The Terebinth School of Discipleship has been moving along well. The pastors are over half way through the entirety of Scripture. They have studied hard and performed so well. In February, there was a retreat for the school. We journeyed down to Jinja to get a break from the heat and dryness.
We studied through the Psalms (taught by Pastors Samuel, Fred, and Jimmy) and Mark (using the Exploring Christianity curriculum). The students had a wonderful time studying, and also playing. We were able to swim in lake Victoria, hike to the waterfall, and enjoy some cooler weather. The students also had the opportunity to journey down to a local fishing village and do some ministry. Several people came to know Jesus, and many asked good questions.We are also very excited to announce the beginning of a second school of Discipleship starting this July! With the addition of new teammates we have the ability to start a second school. Interviews are going on currently to find the 30 or so students who will begin the 3 year journey through the Bible. Please be in prayer as the selection process is going on. The prospective students will be invited to join in this month’s school. It will be a special school done in a conference style with guest teachers from Colorado coming with a short term team. They will be covering 1&2 Timothy and Titus! It is sure to be an exciting and fun time. Please keep the school in your prayers as we dig into the Word of God to interpret Scripture with Scripture.
The view from the classroom for February, and the students listening to Kent teach.

Dream Center Medical Clinic

The Dream Center Medical Clinic has had some major changes as well since our last update. We have done some construction to add rooms and divide existing rooms for an exciting reason! We recently signed on to a program with USAID that will give pregnant mothers nearly FREE care for their pregnancy and delivery. They spend 4,000 shillings (approx $1.10) to get their prenatal, delivery, and after care! That’s it! We expect to see a lot of new mommas coming to get care as this program ramps up. 
We have also been working on increasing our medical knowledge and skills through training around the country, and studying together. We will have a PA from Colorado coming this month to help increase our training on burn care. This is a sadly common topic as many children end up burned by accident through falling in cooking fires etc. We can’t wait to have this training!Please pray as we work to increase our available services and reduce costs for the community around us. Pray for wisdom for leadership.
The community meeting announcing the voucher program for mommas

BAM Enterprises

BAM Enterprises has seen the most changes in the last few months!! The Dream Center site looks like a totally new place. Construction has been going since November, and many of the projects are finally completed. Some changes and additions to BAM include:
Finished the half-standing storehouse
A new garage for vehicles
A new maize miller
A new sunflower miller
A new bran miller
A freshly repaired rice miller
A new chicken house
2 new tilapia ponds
Tons of new crops!
The farming operation is up and running! The community is thrilled with the new mills as it saves them money on traveling to get their crops milled. It is a great source of income for BAM, as well as a great way to produce our own food for the animals we are adding.
This week there should be a delivery of around 1000 laying chickens to being producing eggs. We will be the only large egg producer anywhere in northern Uganda. The chickens will be able to be free range, and have a wonderful new house for living and laying in. We expect a delivery of tilapia for the new ponds next week as well! The tilapia and chickens will produce food for the other as well.
As always, our goal is to find ways to sustain the ministry here with money from here. BAM enterprises will be a great way to fund the schools of discipleship and ensure that Terebinth Ministries is sustainable well into the future.
The new maize mill, new garage, interior of the new chicken house, and new bran mill.


The view of the new and improved BAM Enterprises
The storehouse and attached garage are on the right, and the new chicken house on the left.
Things have been very busy with the administrative and logistical side of Dream Center. Please keep the leadership lifted up for wisdom as we proceed forward. Continue to lift up the wonderful staff as they press forward in serving God in Adak and Gulu. 
We are so thankful for the love and support from everyone. If you would like to reach out, you can email info@terebinthministries.net