Online Giving
Terebinth School of Discipleship
The video classes went very well! Last time we updated you, we were preparing to try our hand at distance learning. The videos were well received, although it stretched many students to be in that learning situation. Everyone passed their Jeremiah and Lamentations tests!
For the last class (Ezekiel) we were able to get permission to hold classes in person again. We had to split the class into two to ensure proper precautions were taken, but everyone was glad to be together in class again. The next class should be able to run normally, with additional precautions, as finalist classes are finally allowed to begin normally again!
As we are trying to get this class back on schedule, we have to be creative with scheduling and teaching. Please pray for the teachers and students as they dive back into intensive study in order to keep graduation on track.
We are continuing to produce the video lessons even though we are able to move away from remote learning. The goal is to have the full curriculum including video lessons completed in a year’s time.
DCU Health CenterĀ 
We are so excited to share some new happenings at the DCU Clinic. We have often heard concerns from the community about our prices for treatment. We have sought to fix this problem time and time again. We recently proposed a partnership with the Anglican Diocese of northern Uganda. They have a medical division that currently runs more than 20 clinics over the north of Uganda.
They have agreed to manage the day to day running of the clinic including staffing, prices, and treatments. This has reduced costs to the community DRAMATICALLY. We are able to host their staff for free in our clinic and cut costs to the Adak community.
We believe the body of Christ is full of different gifts and talents. We are thrilled to partner with a ministry thatĀ has successfully brought quality health care to many communities like Adak. We are able to host their ministry for free in order to work together to bring health and wellness to every member of Adak community!
Other Ministry
BAM Enterprises worked incredibly hard to produce the food packages for our feeding program during the lockdown. Thankfully, the crops have come in and the lockdown has loosened! BAM continues to work hard to serve the community and widows program. We are in the process of purchasing a new batch of chicks in order to continue expanding our egg-laying business.
The Widows Ministry has continued to seek to bless the participants during the lockdown. We are currently working on a program to help the younger widows in the program become self-sustainable. Our desire is to help create long-term solutions to provide job opportunities. Many of the women in the program desire to work, but jobs are scarce. Please join us in praying for wisdom as we move forward with the ministry.
The radio ministry has continued to flourish. The program continues to run nearly daily and bring the Word of God to the airwaves.