Anyeko Jennifer 

It was a week in 2001, that felt like it would never end. The week lingered in fear and uncertainty. On a Monday, a family member passed away. On a Tuesday, a family member passed away. On Wednesday, a family member passed away. On a Thursday, a family member passed. Then on a Friday, a new life had begun. That day was a new start for Jennifer, who had in just a few days seen her family swept away right in front of her eyes from an unknown cause. It had awakened something inside of her. Her mother was Catholic, so she grew up in Catholicism, but she was born again on this particular Friday through other influences she received. She knew that the Lord had protected her in a way that she would never understand; watching her family pass away one by one and knowing that she was the only one to survive, she surrendered her life to Christ.

Jennifer is 49 years old with four children of her own, plus she is taking care of three additional orphaned children. Her childhood was spent in Gulu, Uganda. It was a good childhood as she grew up learning how to sell to provide for her family. However, she lost her dad at an early age and then eventually her mom to cancer. Through this, she can understand the loss of parents and has an even bigger heart for fatherless children.

Jennifer grew up during the time of war like many of our widows. Through a group of rebels known as the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army), many of our widows have experienced loss and deep pain from this time of war in Northern Uganda. Growing up she had come into contact a few times with the rebels trying to abduct her and her family members but they never followed through they just left the family with threats. Although, in 2001 she lost her husband to this group of rebels. One day her husband went to sell local products, and LRA soldiers met them on the road and they shot up the vehicle, killing her husband, leaving her widow. It was a difficult time because not only did she lose her husband, but the husband’s family came and took her land and everything in her home. In this season of deep pain, she still had a glimmering of hope, and that was Christ. Having this relationship with Christ helped her realize that it does not matter what they are doing to her, but God will help her through this, and He did.

Although Jennifer has experienced a lot in one lifetime, she is thankful that she is a part of the Terebinth Ministries Widows Program. Being a part of the program has taught her a lot. One of the things she has learned is knowing when and how to surrender to temptation…especially when someone comes against her in a wrong way.  She trusts in the Lord and doesn’t retaliate, which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit in deed.

Terebinth Ministries Widows Program is operated through the church, and with this, the widows get to enjoy fellowship and teachings together on a weekly basis. Through the devotionals that each widow receives, Jennifer learns that trusting and believing in God changes how she thinks about everything. It has essentially changed her entire worldview to a biblical worldview where Christ is the center.  It has strengthened the way she thinks about people and life.

Jennifer and her family are grateful to the donors of this program.  As she sees many people struggling to make it through life, she is being provided food, fellowship and an opportunity to work to provide for her family.

Jennifer is a woman of wisdom and peace, and we are glad you are a part of getting to know Jennifer. Through her testimonies and what God is teaching her, I pray that your heart is also encouraged to trust God in the seasons that He has granted you.



Terebinth Ministries