We treat, Jesus heals

The Dream Center Clinic provides low-cost, high quality healthcare to impoverished communities.

Beyond treating diseases, the clinic provides public health education and spiritual transformation to neighboring communities. Dream Center’s motto is “we treat, Jesus heals”. Although we care for the physical body, we believe it is imperative to also care for the spiritual well-being of patients and staff.

Dream Center Medical Clinic is one of the largest healthcare centers in all of Amoro District. It has gained the reputation for providing the best care in its’ district. There is a thriving labor and delivery ward dedicated to helping mothers deliver safely and securely. With an x-ray machine and laboratory, most conditions can be treated on site. Services are offered at a low cost to ensure access to healthcare for all members of the community. The in or out patient services include: minor surgery, immunizations, maternity care, x-ray, laboratory testing, health education, HIV/AIDS care, casting for fractures, and treatment of a wide variety of infections and diseases.

What makes our clinic unique?

The primary dedication of the Dream Center Medical Clinic is not profit. It is the belief of each and every staff member that the care they give is a ministry and a testimony of the goodness of Jesus. This is not just a job to them, but a calling from God to care “for the least of these”. This ensures not only great care, but that costs are never raised for the sake of making money. This dedication to making the name of Jesus known has given Dream Center Clinic a reputation for being the best care around. People walk from very far away in order to receive the care offered at DCC.

Interpreting Scripture with Scripture

The Terebinth Ministries School of Discipleship is a Bible training and Discipleship school for pastors and leaders in churches all around northern Uganda.

We teach through the entirety of Scripture verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation, equipping pastors for the work of the ministry. Many of our students come from a region where Bible resources, materials or seminaries are not readily available; our emphasis is training these leaders to be Biblically literate by using Scripture to interpret Scripture.

The school takes place one week a month from Sunday-Saturday. The students of the school are provided with housing and food for the week they stay at the school. Class is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. The evenings are spent in study and fellowship, with quizzes to help prepare for the final test. On Saturday morning there is a final test of all the material covered.

What makes our school different from others?

First, the students do not pay to attend our school. The food and lodging is provided completely free. In addition, because many of the students are not paid for their roles in the church, our students are paid to attend the monthly school. Many have to give up a week of work in order to attend, and work extremely hard at studying in between. Many of the students would be unable to attend the school if it meant giving up a week’s salary.

Second, our school does not run on a pre-made curriculum that we purchased. The curriculum is hand-written by the teachers of the school. The Terebinth School of Discipleship focuses on teaching the Bible as one unit and using Scripture to interpret Scripture. So each section of Scripture is interpreted through the rest. Consistent themes, patterns and messages are utilized to gain a full understanding of God’s Word.

Reproducible. Sustainable.

Terebinth Ministries desires to offset ministry costs. One key way to do this is through business as mission (BAM). BAM Enterprises raises funds through farming, grain storage and livestock. This project will not only offset costs for the school and the clinic, but also provide jobs and discipleship opportunities. Training and discipleship for local farmers will create sustainable and reproducible programs to help the community. The irrigation system for the farm not only provides water for year-round farming, but also supplies clean water to the surrounding community.

BAM Enterprises also has an irrigation system built in for year-round farming. This water system provides water for the farm, the clinic and the local community. The villages around BAM Enterprises can come and get clean water free of charge from the well.

What makes BAM Enterprises different?

Although the BAM Enterprises is a for-profit business, the goal is never to simply make money. All profits go to paying salaries of local employees, funding the school and offsetting the cost at the clinic. None of the money is ever paid to the western missionaries, it stays in Uganda. This helps to bolster the local economy, but also helps to keep the need for fundraising lower. Self-sustainability is the best practice for a ministry, and BAM Enterprises helps to make that goal a reality.