Need In Uganda

“Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.” -Sir Winston Churchill

No doubt Uganda is a visibly beautiful country, however, this country has been through significant hardship that has devastated the people specifically in the north. War, disease, lack of education and infrastructure, has led to a great need in Uganda. The immediate crisis of war has passed, but a new crisis has arisen.

 A spiritual revival has taken place following the war in northern Uganda. However, the majority of pastors and church leaders have no access to resources for studying Scripture and theology. Many churches were started by men who heard the gospel and were desperate for a local church body in their town or village. There was a large influx of ministries and non-profits during the war, but many have left to do relief work elsewhere. The need for discipleship is immense.

Disease is rampant in northern Uganda and there simply are not enough health care facilities or workers to meet the need. Malaria, typhoid and HIV are common. Many cannot afford the medicine needed to treat their illness. This is particularly true in impoverished villages. There is desperate need for access and affordability in health care.

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