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Terebinth School of Discipleship

The first class commited three years of their life to studying the Word of God almost 3 years ago. They started in Genesis 1:1 and have been so faithful to study with diligence. Last week, they read Revelation 22:21 and completed the lecture portion of the school! They have read, studied, and tested out of every book (and verse) in the Bible. At the end of this month, they will turn in their final projects. They are doing an in-depth study on several of the major Biblical themes, and will do an hour long presentation on their chosen theme this month. Following finals, only graduation remains! Please pray with us as we strive to get accreditation finished before graduation time. 
The second class has studied through the Pentateuch, the sermon on the mount, James, and Hebrews. Next week they start the book of Joshua. Pray for them as they enter the time of studying the historical books. The books are long and can often be tedious to study because of that. It is hard to believe this class has been going for nearly a year already! 
Please pray for the TSD staff as they work on curriculum development and planning graduation. Also pray for several of our pastors who are planning their weddings for the next month or two!
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The first class following their last lecture ever!
Kent teaching the last verse of the Bible.

Dream Center Uganda Clinic

It has been an incredible time for the clinic. A team from Rocky Mountain Calvary came out to visit this month. They did team building with the Terebinth staff, helped decorate the clinic, and celebrated with the staff and community as the clinic was officially relaunched. 
We were also able to move Matthew into a new role as the Dream Center Assistant Manager. He is specifically working within the clinic right now as the manager. He and Patrick have streamlined many of the systems within the clinic to improve the services. It’s been busy enough that we have added a pharmacy nurse and another midwife to staff! 
We are working with the government to get the x-ray up and running again after moving it to a better location on site. We have the only ultrasound and x-ray in Omoro district! 
Please pray with us as we seek to bring excellent care to the community around and develop good relationship along the way!
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The beautiful, new clinic!
The grand reopening of the Dream Center Uganda Medical Clinic

BAM Enterprises

The chickens are coming!
Things have continued to be buzzing at BAM Enterprises.
The new chicken houses are almost complete! Once those are finished we will begin a new rotation of chickens. Before long, we hope to have anywhere from 4,000-5,000 chickens laying at any time. We need them, because we can’t produce eggs fast enough! We sell eggs as fast as the chickens can lay them.
We are getting ready to go into planting season! We will planting many things, including numerous banana trees. One way you can stand with us in prayer is to pray the rains would start! All of the farmers in the north are desperately waiting for rainy season to arrive, and it’s already quite late. 
We are also thrilled to be partnering with the widows section of the ministry to provide the food for that program. 
For more information on BAM Enterprises, click here.
BAM posho stacked and ready for the widows

Widows Ministry

The launching of the widow’s program was a huge success! Both Calvary Chapel Gulu and Calvary Chapel Kabedopony’s programs started with celebration and joy. The team from Rocky Mountain Calvary was with us for the start of the program. We have included in the feeding program a work program. The widows at these two churches were given 10kg each of posho (finely ground maize flour, a staple food in Uganda) to sell as a way to earn money. Over 20 widows finished their posho sales in a week and were requesting more posho to keep selling! 
Please pray for these widows as many do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. One aspect of the widow’s ministry is a weekly time of discipleship with the committees from the churches and the widows in the program. At one such discipleship meeting, the widows called friends and family from the community to come. During that meeting, 7 people heard the gospel and accepted the call to become children of God!!! 
The Widows Program launches!