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Terebinth School of Discipleship

Graduation finally happened for the first class. It was such a wonderful celebration. It was such a treat to see the joy and pride on the faces of the students who have studied the Bible start to finish.
We had a team from Jon and Kristin’s church to visit during the finals week for the school. It was such a wonderful time sitting under the teaching of the students in the school. They did an incredible job teaching the gospel through a major theme in Scripture.
The night before graduation was a special dinner along with a slideshow to commemorate their three years. 

Graduation day started with a march up the road to let the community see our graduates and their guests. The graduation went on with a traditional dance, a word from our guest of honor, a speech from the ‘valedicatoran’, and each student receiving their diplomas (along with a special word from Kent for each). Every time a student was called forward their guests would cheer and applaud. It was especially fun watching the wives of the graduates celebrate and dance with them. It was clear the wives were so proud of their husbands who had finished the race strong. It was a very proud and exciting day for everyone involved in the Terebinth School of Discipleship, including several of the students from the current class who were able to see what lies at the end of the school. We were so thankful for the three visitors from the USA who came to cheer on our graduates.
The current class was given an extra long break between classes to allow the teachers and staff to recover from a cycle of class, study, class, study each week. They begin the books of 1 and 2 Samuel at the end of the month. They are entering a period of study that can be a bit grinding and trying. Please lift them up in prayer as the one year period can be a time of discouragement for some students.
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The graduates, teachers, and guest of honor

Dream Center Uganda Clinic

The clinic has been BUSY!! Since the re-opening of the clinic, we have nearly doubled the number of patients we are seeing each week. You can hardly turn a corner without running into a pregnant mother there to get care. The clinic used to have a very dreary feel, filled with folks who looked exhausted and sick. Now, there are still many there to get relief from suffering, but it feels like a place of hope. On any day you can see pastor Stephen praying with staff and patients, worship music fills the foyer, and staff are keeping the place clean and orderly. The staff has taken ownership of the clinic in a way that is so exciting to see.
We are still trying to sort out the x-ray so we can provide that service to the community. Please pray with us that we can get all the approval we need, and to find a radiologist willing to come work with us. Also pray for our clinic staff as huge strides in faith and service inevitably comes with spiritual warfare. Pray for continued and growing unity among staff as they work together to bring health and hope to the community.
Several of the visiting team from Calvary Chapel Cherry Creek had visited Dream Center before, and could not believe the dramatic changes in the last 6 months.
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BAM Enterprises

BAM is growing, growing, growing! 
The new chicken house is finished, and another new house is getting started! We have a new batch of 1000 chickens arriving soon to fill the new chicken house. Eventually, we will have around 6,000 laying chickens. We have not been able to keep up with the demand for eggs, so we have to expand.
We have added 4 new silos to the warehouse to preserve our stock of food. We are adding new milling machines, because we cannot keep up with the demand for our business and the community. The community is going to have its own milling house, and the warehouse will have its own machines specifically for BAM milling. We simply can’t do it all without expansion! It is so exciting to see BAM being utilized so heavily that we MUST add to it.
We are so thrilled to have several widows from the widow program in Adak joining alongside our BAM team for sustainable, manageable work.
For more information on BAM Enterprises, click here.
The BAM warehouse is so full of stock that it can be hard to find space to move!

Widows Ministry

The widows program is rolling! The systems are in place, and the churches are spreading the word of God. We have been able to reproduce a wonderful curriculum that covers the whole story of the Bible for discipling the widows in our program. It has been wonderful to see the encouragement among the groups as they are discipled and spend time together in community. 
We have added a program in Adak, run by Moses on of our DCU staff and TSD students. Those widows are joining alongside our BAM staff as a way to provide work for them. We have also begun a program in a town called Pabo, where the widows have begun farming. The beauty of the farming program is that BAM uses the farmed food to provide food for the widows in the program!
Please continue to pray for the folks in this program: the pastors, committees, widows, families, and staff. It is such a joy to reach out into communities via the pastors/churches who have been trained in the school, and to provide quality food from BAM enterprises. God perfectly orchestrated Terebinth’s ability to set up this program, and it is wonderful to see the fruit for the Kingdom of God it is producing.
One of our beautiful ladies in the widows program from Calvary Chapel Gulu