April 2, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Another brief update

A Brief Update on the Situation in northern Uganda

Hello again. A few hours after our last update, there were some big changes to the situation here in Uganda.
President Museveni spoke on Monday night and introduced more restrictions to Uganda:

  • All private cars banned for 14 days
  • No gatherings more than 5 people
  • A curfew from 7pm-6:30am
  • All non-essential government workers to stay home
  • All non-essential shops closed
  • Food markets can remain open, but sellers must stay on site and cannot travel home for 14 days
  • You must have approval from the RDC (a government official in each district) to transport someone to a hospital in a private vehicle
  • The government is now taking responsibility for all emergency transport for ill people or delivering moms
  • Anyone who distributes food could be charged with attempted murder (as it gathers large numbers of people) only the government may distribute food.

A large number of Ugandans live day to day and cannot afford to be out of work for the 2 weeks these restrictions have been placed. Terebinth Ministries work will continue, and is more important than ever. Our clinic will now have trouble transferring patients and will likely see an increase in cases as we are one of the few health centers with approved ambulance transport. BAM is as busy as it ever has been, and we continue to need to purchase food stores in order to have enough stock to feed the community and continue our business endeavors.
Kent, Fred, and Samuel have an opportunity to speak on the radio and share the gospel! We are so excited for the opportunities to be a light in very dark times. Please, please pray for the people of Uganda. Pray as health care, food, and work are extremely limited right now. We at Terebinth Ministries will continue to serve the community of northern Uganda to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your support and care. We are so thankful we serve the God who knows the future, and we are so thankful for everyone around the globe lifting us up in prayer.

Online Giving
Some of the widows ministry food items just before distribution.