A Special Note of Thanks

Hello Everyone.
We pray you are well during this time. We wanted to take a moment to share with you how God has been using your generosity.
We are able to increase from 600 food packages a week to 700! All of this is through our individual donors caring for their neighbors who happen to live across the world.
We are working with the local government to serve the most vulnerable groups. Recently, one such group was made up of HIV-positive people. This is a group that tends to face discrimination and fear on a normal day, but the food insecurity caused by lockdown and waiting on crops is especially dangerous for this group. Many people throughout the nation have stopped taking their medicine to treat HIV.
The government provides anti-retroviral medicines to HIV-positive people, which is wonderful. However, for the ARV’s to be effective, they need to be taken with food. A doctor from Gulu Referral Hospital reached out to request aid for their ARV clinic patients. With the approval of the government officials, we were able to help provide food! Not only are we feeding hungry people, but we are able to help ensure health for this group.
We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and prayers. We have been able to use our distributions as a chance to pray for people, share the gospel, and share our radio teaching times. Amazing things are happening through our programs.
Last week, the LC 1 (a local government leader), general secretary, defense secretary, and secretary for youth of Laliya approached Pastor Samuel. They had heard the radio teachings put on by Terebinth and told him they wanted to get saved. Samuel proceeded to ask questions about what that meant, why they wanted it, and they made it clear they understood the gospel. The LC1 also asked that a cell group of Calvary 12 Springs start in his home. Sunday was the first cell group there!
During these trying times, it can be easy to lose sight of hope and how God is moving. We wanted to take a minute to spotlight how God is working in northern Uganda. Even through the unknown, God will make His name known and bring people to salvation.